Is McGravy joining Dallas Fuel? Well, these tweets might just suggest so!

Seagull leaving Dallas Fuel has been one of the biggest shocks in Overwatch at the moment. He had been one of the best performers in Stage 4 of the Overwatch League, with his D.Va plays genuinely out of this world.

While Aero and the rest of Dallas Fuel have given their blessing to Seagull, his departure has left them in the lurch. Realistically, they need one of the best flex/DPS players in the world to replace him. They need to be able to get big kills as a DPS player and a very strong Off-Tank.

Well, one man might just be on his way to replace Seagull… Caleb “McGravy” McGarvey. He is already intrinsically linked, with Team Envy working as an academy to Dallas Fuel – with the org hoping to pick up their best players.

McGravy is currently the captain of the Team Envy Overwatch side and led them to a 3rd place finish at the Overwatch Contenders event. While it looks like it could indeed happen, McGravy has been posting some cryptic tweets.

McGravy to Dallas Fuel?

This does all make sense, and we will likely see it sorted before the start of Season 2 — or at least officially confirmed. However, one fan on Twitter shared a screenshot from Twitch which suggested McGravy might just be messing with us.

We’re sure we will find out sooner or later, but we reckon he would be an excellent Seagull replacement.

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