Could this be TSM’s new Fortnite player? Well, maybe after this impressive Fortnite montage.

Who wouldn’t want to be a professional Fortnite player? Getting paid to play one of the most popular games in the world and sponsored by huge companies in the process. Despite the Battle Royale game mode not even being a year old, it has still seen established esports teams start snapping up streamers and great players.

We saw the likes of Myth go from a lowkey streamer to being signed as captain for TSM‘s Fortnite team; becoming one of the most prominent streamers in a matter of months. In fact, you could argue that TSM now has one of the best teams in Fortnite. They have Myth, CaMiLLs, Hamlinz HighDistortion and of course, Daequan.

While the TSM team-mates usually join forces when taking part in solo or duo competitive tournaments, Daequan is now on the look for a new partner for the likes of Friday Fortnite or Summer Skirmish.

During a live steamer, Daequan mentioned he wanted a new partner and could pick anyone that he wanted. This prompted one player to make a pretty fantastic montage to show his skills and why Daequan should choose him.


Keeoh took to not only Reddit but Twitter and went as far as emailing TSM to see if he could get picked up by the team. While he hasn’t quite caught the attention of Daequan, but both Myth and DrLupo reacted to the montage.

Myth’s reaction

Lupo’s reaction

Keeoh, in fact, wrote a cover letter to try and entice TSM into signing him:

Here are a few notable things that I have accomplished in the competitive gaming/streaming world. In Overwatch, I achieved Top 500 in multiple seasons and held the rank of #1 for Pharah for quite some time. Additionally, I attended Ninja Vegas ‘18 and killed TSM Myth (heat 3, round 3). In addition to that a few weeks ago I killed TSM Hamlinz in solo squads.”

I also competed in and won many different collegiate Overwatch and Fortnite competitions for my college, California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo.”

We’ll be looking forward to seeing if either Daequan or TSM get in touch with Keeoh to join them.

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