It looks like we will be getting a Fortnite detective skin, it looks awesome!

According to a Fortnite data-miner, some fantastic new skins are coming to the game.

Youtuber, Twitter ace, and data-mining hero, TwoEpicBuddies revealed the news on social media earlier today; they have found nine new skins hidden in the game’s files.

It has not been confirmed whether these skins are part of the Season 5 battle pass, or not. Our money is on them being purchasable from the in-game shop.

What are the Skins?

There is quite a mix of skins leaked, with what appears to be three of them for the fourth of July celebrations; coinciding with the release of Season 5.

The male and female skins look good but basic, while the teddy bear one looks all sorts of creepy. That teddy will probably haunt future nightmares for me now.

via TwoEpicBuddies

We are also going to be treated to two robot looking skins; one that looks very much like Black Panther and Catwoman combined.

The two robot skins look great, especially the orange one, however, we’re really not sure about that Black Panther skin – at least not yet.

Now we get on to three of the best skins I think I have ever seen in Fortnite… the P.I’s.

Yes, it looks like we will be getting some private investigator skins, meaning we can play out our fantasies of being Dick Tracy or Inspector Gadget.

There is a female detective skin which looks brilliant; we’re digging the 1950s noir theme that is going on. A personal favourite has to be the guy in the beige trench coat!

We hope these leaks are confirmed in the coming weeks because seriously, those detective skins are fantastic and would make a lot of sense with a Tommy gun being also rumoured.

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