The recently introduced Fortnite Compact SMG is OP and we can’t even deal with it.

With the latest Fortnite patch came significant changes and a huge addition, the Compact SMG.

This is the second SMG to be added to come to the game since the launch of Season 5, and it looks like it will totally wreck you and your buildings.

It’s able to hold 50 rounds and does 21-23 damage per round. While it does have a lower fire rate than the MP5, it dishes out more damage per second than any other weapon in the game; so there should be a lot to worry about.

Despite being out for a few hours, it has already caused a massive stir; The SMG has been shredding through players and buildings alike. Original YouTuber, Hutch, posted this clip on Twitter and it was incredible at how much damage it was dishing out.

So, is it Over Powered?

It would appear so. We thought the MP5 was bananas, but this is just a little too powerful.

With it holding 50 rounds, dishing out massive amounts of damage and having almost pinpoint accuracy, it is mad how they allowed this to be included.

Why was it included then?

Well, we’re under the assumption that it’s to help alleviate the over-use of shotguns and people being able to out-build everyone. Epic Games has said many times that they don’t want one playstyle to rule the game and they hate the ‘just build lol’ mentality from most players.

An unbalanced game?

Well, it feels like it. You can really get away with not needing to use either a shotgun or assault rifle. Instead, you can fill out with SMG’s, healing, snipers and explosives.

That does mix up the meta, but it is a meta that everyone will be using.

Do we smell a nerf?

Almost certainly it needs to be looked at again. Whether Epic Games will act quickly or not is up for debate.

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