Roadhog scrap gun nerfed or buffed?

Following Wednesday’s Overwatch update, the Blizzard team have been putting out another one, this time nerfing, or maybe actually buffing, Roadhog.

The previous patch had introduced changes and fixes to Reindhart and the new control map, Busan. However, just two days later and we are getting some additional changes to the way Roadhog’s secondary fire works. Pre-patch, the Scatter gun’s alternative fire had no damage drop-off. This meant you could still ping a Mercy or Hanzo sitting at the back without any issues.

However, the change had now made the drop-off the same as the primary fire. While that may sound like a huge nerf, thankfully the primary fire has been buffed, increasing the range from 10-20 meters to 15-30 meters.

Roadhog buff or nerf?

In the patch notes for patch 333, the developers pointed out: “Previously, Roadhog’s Scrap Gun alternate fire didn’t have damage falloff which sometimes made it too powerful against far away targets.”

“To balance out a slight power decrease, especially against barriers, we decided to push his overall weapon’s effective range out a bit further before damage falloff begins to take effect.”

“Note: The alternate fire falloff begins from where the scrap projectiles are formed, not from Roadhog’s firing position.”

Scrap Gun

Primary fire falloff range changed from 10-20 meters to 15-30 meters
Alternate fire now has damage falloff, which is the same as the new primary fire falloff (15-30 meters).

Is this a bad change?

Honestly, It is more of a buff than a nerf. Sure, his scattershot was good at dishing out long-range damage, but the increased range for both fire modes is welcomed. It will take some testing but combined with something like a Mei ice wall, Orisa halt or a Zarya graviton; it could be quite powerful.

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