Uh, did you know that there is Call of Duty Zombies esport now? Well, it is real and looks very interesting.

When you think of esports, you think of League of Legends, Counter-Strike, and Overwatch. They really are the staple of professional competitive gaming; one that we are all used to by now.

However, one thing you would probably never think of is Call of Duty: Nazi Zombies. The Call of Duty Zombies community is one that is more about finding easter eggs and high-round tactics.

From the fledgeling days of Nacht der Untoten to the convoluted Black Ops 3 maps; Nazi Zombie’s popularity has always been strong.

In fact, it is apparently so strong that there are Zombies World Championships where the best Zombies players face off for a $20,000 prize-pool. The first event was held last year, co-founded by YouTuber Matt “Mcsportzhawk” Cobuzio.

The 2017 event was won by Team mossy who took away the $10,000 first-prize, while MAITRASH (which included streamer Noahj456) came in second.

The 2018 ZWC schedule


So, how does a competitive Zombies event work and how do you apply to play in it? Well, if you visit the Zombie’s World Championship, you can see various challenges that players can complete in the tournament. Some of these include Kino Der Toten round 100 speedrun, Origins Easter Egg speedrun and No Man’s Land most kills.

There are requirements that you need to be to be entered in the competition so, you’re best to check them out on their website.

With Zombies thankfully being part in Black Ops 4, we might just be seeing a start of a very interesting esport.

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