Call of Duty MW2 Xbox One backwards compatible. Oh, how we cannot wait to rage at it.

One of the biggest reasons anyone can post video games on YouTube or Twitch is Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. While COD 4 and World at War were indeed popular, it was MW2 that propelled gaming and first-person shooters into prominence online.

In fact, the likes of Dr Disrepect, Sandy Ravage, and basically the entirety of OpTic and FaZe got their starts on MW2. FaZe became one of the most prominent organisations around thanks to their MW2 montages.

While the game certainly had its fair share of problems, one man army noob tubes and commando, it still was a lot of fun. Well, that was until you got the infamous ‘gamer rage’, and quit. Until yesterday, the only way to play it was on PC or dust off your old Xbox 360 and PS3.

Thankfully though, the game is now available on Xbox One and is the latest addition to the collection of backwards compatible games. The Director of Programming for Microsoft, Larry Hryb, revealed the new on Twitter.


MW2 is back!

If you don’t have the game kicking about at home or already digitally purchased on your 360, then you could buy it on the Xbox Store. However, you will not believe the price… it is £18! £18 for an almost 10-year-old game! If you don’t have Xbox Gold, then you will be asked to splash out more than £24 for the game!

Your best bet would be to go to a game store and get it for under £10 if you shop around. Interestingly, COD 4 is also available on backwards compatible and was remastered too. However, it looks like MW2 is incredibly only going to be single-player, despite how huge it would be with multiplayer. So, it looks like we will have to stick with the 2009 version if we want our multiplayer fix.

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