Bad news, the BlackOut PC beta FPS cap is just 90!

While Call of Duty might be one of the biggest franchises in gaming history, it has had some problems over the years. Hackers, glitches and overpowered weapons have all been prevelant; any player on PC will tell you that the ports from console have been inferior.

Think about how bad Modern Warfare 2 was on PC, it was horrible. The PC staples of dedicated servers and stable FPS that matches your graphics card and overall rig. If you are planning on playing the BlackOut beta, you will have to face the dreaded FPS cap.

Black Ops 4 Blackout PC server tests during Beta from Blackops4

In a post on Reddit, Treyarch confirmed that there would be a cap on the frame-rate, limiting to just 90! This means anyone who has a 144hz monitor or higher will be a little annoyed at that 54hz difference. On the post on Reddit, Treyarch claimed that they are using this to test BlackOut before the launch on October 12th.

Will FPS be capped on launch?

Well, it looks like that will all be down to the data that the Treyarch team find over this weekend. We’re guessing that there won’t be a cap or at least one that will be removed a few weeks into launch.

Are people mad?

Understandably! Capping on console makes sense only because of the hardware involved. However, capping on PC is poor form and fans on Twitter were not impressed.

Does 90 fps feel bad though?

I played two games, and honestly, it felt okay. However, the change from 144hz+ to 90 is quite drastic. In fact, strafe jumping and high intensive areas it is essential. We can deal with it for the weekend and only hope that it is resolved by October.

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