So, the Black Ops 4 weapon list is pretty damn small.

The Call of Duty Black Ops 4’s release is imminent! We could tell you about the huge day one patch or the score-streaks, but we’re not gonna. Instead, we’re going to have a chat about the weapons and how many there are compared to the previous entries in the series.

Having plenty of weapon choice is always a good thing. We don’t want the game to end up like World at War and its MP40 dominance. In the first Black Ops game, there were 43 guns (including the crossbow and ballistic knife). In the sequel, there were only 38.

Then we got to Black Ops 3 where we were given just 32 weapons, 32! There were only three pistols, one launcher and just two shotguns! We had hoped that Black Ops 4 was going to increase the number of weapons and give us more fun things to use.

Black Ops weapons throughout the years. from Blackops4

So, did Black Ops 4 give us more weapon choice? Hell no! According to this post on Reddit, we have just 27 weapons… 16 fewer than the first game. Once again there are only two shotguns which is very disappointing, especially when there are four snipers.

However, with that being said, a commenter on the Reddit post made an excellent point:

Hopefully, these mods will change up how the weapons work and Treyarch will continue to add more and more guns throughout the game’s lifespan.

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