We’re interested in seeing how the Black Ops 4 gunplay feels during the beta.

Treyarch Developer Tony Flame has revealed that Black Ops 4 weapons will feel a lot different to previous titles.

With the closed PlayStation 4 beta kicking off this weekend, we’ll get to have a good look at how they feel. Speaking in an interview with VG247, Treyarch developer Tony Flame spoke on what the new shooting mechanics will be like.

“I think they’re the best feeling weapons in the Call of Duty games – certainly the ones Treyarch has released. We’re really proud of what we’ve done with the guns – the feel, the look, the tuning, and the balance. A lot of that has been helped out by experimentation in the different modes, including Blackout.

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“With multiplayer, we’re experimenting with that in the beta – we’ve got kind of a mixed system there, what works best for what gun – so we’re going to see how that works,” Flame explains.

“It really gives us an opportunity to balance some guns that we traditionally had trouble balancing in Call of Duty.

Interestingly, one of the big things is that there will be bullet drop-off, meaning that the days of a UMP sniping someone from across the map are likely to be over. This had been a big problem in recent titles, with SMG’s ended up as or even more powerful than assault rifles.

“For example, submachine guns have always been tough to get right,” said Flame.

“Because good players can do really well with them, even at a distance – so we’re utilising ballistics in the beta to counteract that and keep SMGs within their role in that close-to-mid-range engagement.

“At the longer range, ballistics kicks in and they’re a little harder to use. We’re really excited to see how that affects the meta and makes all of the guns feel good in their role.”

The closed Black Ops 4 beta will start first on PS4 before moving on to Xbox and then PC, before an open beta on PC late next week. It may take some time to get used to the new mechanics but, hopefully, it will make the game more balanced.

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