Rage 2 sales show that Bethesda has dethroned Days Gone from its number one position in the UK Boxed Charts.

Rage 2 is a follow-up to the underwhelming 2011 original and it was released on May 14.

The combat has been praised for its Doom-esque qualities, but the open-world has been lambasted for being sparse and dull.

Rage 2 sales: Bethesda’s usurps Days Gone to number 1 in the charts

Days Gone was king of the UK Boxed Charts for three weeks, but it has been dethroned by Rage 2.

Unfortunately for Bethesda, ID Software, and Avalanche Studios, Rage 2 is a pretender that has performed significantly worse than Rage.

Per gamesindustry.biz, Rage 2’s physical sales are just a quarter of what the Xbox 360, PS3, and PC games managed back in October 2011.

Bethesda remains one of the few major publishers to not share digital sales figures, meaning it’s impossible to say how good or how bad Rage 2 has sold.

However, GSD data suggests that digital downloading can account for up to 50% of console sales in the UK, and this would still mean that Rage 2 has sold only half of what its original managed in its launch week.

Rage 2 performed best on PlayStation 4 with 57% of sales, followed by Xbox One on 38%.

PC saw only 5%, but most of the PC sales will have come from Steam.

It’s been a terribly slow month for the gaming industry, but things will soon get hot again with E3 imminent.

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