Is this one of the best Fortnite snipe clips of all time?

A new week can only mean one thing; it is time for the best Fortnite clips!

In the past week, Epic Games decided to add in one of the most powerful weapons in recent history, in the new SMG and the explosives spam felt worse than ever.

But, how did the best streamers and pro-players get on in the new meta? Well, we’ve got some of their amazing clips to show that things aren’t all bad for some in Fortnite.

Dakotaz 720 snipe

This is absolutely filthy and once again proves that Dakotaz is an incredibly good snipe and trick shotter.

FaZe tfue gets hacked in a $500,000 tournament

This must have felt incredibly bad, especially with the amount of money on the line.

I have no idea what Daequan just did, but I like it

Hacks, confirmed, ban Daequan now.

Only Myth can be a Skull Trooper, apparently

SypherPK joins the dirty snipe club

It is a bit nutty when you consider how many of these clips there have been in recent weeks. While it is not Dakotaz levels of disgusting, this is pretty tasty from SypherPK.

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