Is this the best Daequan Fortnite killstreak ever?

Another week and another list of the best Fortnite clips around! Over the past week, we had a fantastic inclusion to the game, the double-barrel shotgun! While it may not be universally loved, it is something that sounds and looks like the real deal (at least up close).

Thankfully, we have found some pretty cool Fortnite clips that include the double-barrel! Expect lots of nasty clips, snipes, and trick shots, as well as a few funny moments thrown in.

Daequan 1 of death

Ooof! Look at this! He managed to get 8 kills in one minute – incredibly nasty!

Read more about how Daequan become a succesfull streamer, here: How TSM Daequan Became a Top Fortnite Streamer ft. TSM Myth & Dakotaz

Dakotaz Is Mean

Come on now; you cannot stop a man while he is having fun with his ATK! Just mean, so very, very mean.

This is Hutch’s BOOMSTICK!

Good old Hutch getting some very nice clips with the double-barrel and an Evil Dead reference to boot, lovely stuff!

Ninja and Co.’s Trap Fails

Trapping someone on Fortnite is always good fun, but how Ninja and co. were not able to kill this guy after putting down at least five traps is beyond us.

C9 Hysteria’s Subs > Him

You know, when you subscribers are pulling off 1hp no scopes to win the game for you, you have some pretty cool subscribers.

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