Footballers investing in esports is now a thing.

It appears that esports is absolutely the main investment for people with a fair bit of money these days.

And it appears that footballers are the latest to jump on the esports bandwagon – in fact, a load of players have thrown money into Ares esport team.

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So far, the likes of N’Golo Kante, Moussa Sissoko and Riyad Marez have been just some of the footballers investing in esports have put money into the team to become ambassadors.

Here is a full list of all of the new ambassadors:

Riyad Mahrez: Leicester City
N’Golo Kanté: Chelsea
Moussa Sissoko: Tottenham Hotspur
Yannick Ferreira Carrasco: Athletico Madrid
Florentin Pogba: Saint Etienne
Sofiane Feghouli: West Ham United
Mathias Pogba: Sparta Rotterdam
Wendie Renard: Lyon
Mario Lemina: Southampton

The French esports team has competed in League, Rainbow Six: Siege and Counter-Strike. The latter is probably their most successful game, having finished 4th at Paris Games Week.

ARES looks to offer games a good chance of actually turning professional, with them encouraging to sign up (though it looks like you have to join up with ‘exclusive club’).

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That being said, they are looking to fill out their roster, so if you’re good enough at Dota2 Hearthstone, FIFA or CS: GO, then this might be your best chance of becoming l337.

Registration begins at the start of June, with you needing to join through World Gaming Federation as well.

Sounds a bit like a faf, but who wouldn’t want to have Kante and two of Pogba’s brothers are their ambassadors?

Footballers investing in esports looks like it will be a thing that keeps happening more and more now.

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