Fortnite console deadzones are a serious problem!

After playing Fortnite on PC for so long, you can easily forget just how hard console players have it.

Sure, console players have aim-assist, but they can’t build anywhere near as fast. Even more importantly, they can’t turn anywhere near as fast.

So, when Epic decided to put console and PC players in together for everything except solo games, there was a bit of hesitation from both groups of players.

However, while my PC buddies and I are sick of getting lasered thanks to aim-assist, one console player showed just how bad he has it on Xbox when trying to move.

Dead Wrong

A visual representation of how bad console deadzones are. from FortNiteBR

Reddit user raddy999 posted this video explaining just how much you had to move the joystick to get a response in Fortnite. The above clip shows that it is almost impossible for an Xbox player to make quick flicks and snaps to players; with a big issue coming when trying to snipe.

One of the top comments on his post was a link to a State of Development post from Epic Games which acknowledged that there would be changes to the speed of movement on console. That was more than a month ago though, and we have still not seen any such changes added to the game.

While we’re sure Epic will get round to fixing this, it could suggest that they will totally remove aim-assist for console players to level out the playing field. If console players can turn as fast as those on PC but have the ability to snap onto a player automatically, then it could make for an unbalanced game.

It will be interesting to see what Epic does to smooth this out for both sets of players.

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