This is how you find the Fortnite week 4 Moisty Mire treasure.

The Fortnite week 4 challenges are here, and we are ready to give you all the tips, tricks, and a few spoilers – so you can complete everything.

Let’s be honest, you need to get as many Battle Pass tiers as you can, and completing weekly challenges is the best way to do that. Afterall, we really do all want to get that level 100 skin, don’t we?

This week you’ve been asked to deal damage with assault rifles, find some hidden treasure between a helicopter and ice cream truck, and search for special storm circles; let’s dive in.

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Deal 1000 damage to opponents with Assault Rifles

This one should be really easy, as a single burst from a Famas will do just under 100 damage. Hit 12 people that way and you’ll finish the challenge. Players should be totally fine getting this one, potentially even being the first one they complete.

Visit the centre of different Storm Circles in a single match

This one might sound fairly straight-forward, but be prepared for it to be surprisingly difficult to complete. To find where you need to go, just look for the purple beam coming from the central emblem, get close to it, and it will disappear.

The problem with this one comes from that fact you need to be in the centre of the storm three times in one game. Everyone knows that the centre of the storm is a dangerous place to be.

Good luck with this one.

Trap Eliminations

If you were asked to do this last week, it would have been the easiest thing ever. However, traps have since been nerfed from 100 damage to 75, meaning they won’t one shot kill someone without shields. Thankfully though, you only need to do one elimination.

While you may think that putting them down in doorways, roofs, and floors will be the best plan – remember; you need them for eliminations, not knocks. So, knock someone in duos or squads then box them in, and place a trap. Not only will you get the challenge done, but you’ll look very cool in the process.

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Search between a Bench, Ice Cream Truck, and a Helicopter (SPOILER)

This one is very easy and saves you from running around following a silly treasure map. If you scout in Moisty Mire and look just to the right of the treehouse, you will see the treasure for 10 stars.

Really easy, but expect it to be a bit busy in the first few days.

Search 7 Ammo Boxes in a single match!

I mean, do you really need any tips on this? One thing I would say is that be sure to double check in buildings others have already looted because people often just leave them.

Search Chests in Wailing Woods

You will need to search seven chests in Wailing Woods, which is really annoying because there are only ever a max of five chests that spawn there. Therefore, you will need to land there several times, in order to fulfil the requirements.

This is another one of those challenges that I would leave for a few weeks until the area calms down a bit.

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