Who are the most subscribed Twitch channels?

100,000 subscribers may not seem like a lot on YouTube, but on Twitch, that is absolutely massive.

And for the first time, we have seen a solo streamer not only reach 100k but entirely smash it.

Tyler Bevin aka Ninja broke the 100k barrier just a couple of days ago and now he is sitting at almost 130,000!

In fact, he managed to go from 50,000 to 100k in just five days which really is an incredible feat.

Now that we know Ninja is the most subscribed to streamer, let’s have a look at the top five entertainers on Twitch.

5. Shroud – 24,399

One of the faces of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds on Twitch and former professional CS:GO player for Cloud9.

Michael Grzesiek aka Shroud is just 23 and yet is one of the most subscribed to streamers in the world.

With his regular collaborations with the likes of DR Disrespect and Summit1G, there’s no surprise that he is very popular.

Funnily enough, Shourd actually would be fourth on this list but has dropped down a little since last year.

4. Summit1g – 25,136

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Speaking of him, here he is. Despite being the most followed account on Twitch, he is only fourth, which is a little surprising.

He still, however, does have more than 25,000 subs; which isn’t bad considering he stopped playing the most popular game on the platform, Fortnite, for several weeks.

Now that he’s back on Fortnite, it should be only a matter of time before he shoots back up as one of the most subscribed Twitch channels around.

3. Dr Disrespect – 52,656

After a brief time away from streaming, the doc came back in pretty epic style. In fact, he had what many have argued the most concurrent viewers of all time, peaking at over 300,000 on his return.

While there has been a steady decline over the past few weeks from those early crazy numbers, he still has a huge audience.

2. GeekandSundry – 64,431

Interesting, number two on this list isn’t actually a solo streamer, but instead a group. That being said, they are incredibly entertaining, with founder Felicia Day and Will Wheaton leading the ranks.

They have over 400,000 followers, and a whopping 6.25% are actually subscribed to them.

1. Ninja – 112,210

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Obviously… at 112,210, he almost has double the number of subs as GeekandSundry.

According to Twitchstats.net, Ninja has 183 tier three and 254 tier two subs, which is pretty crazy.

One thing is for sure, through subscribers, donations and sponsorship, Ninja must be raking it in! Oh, and it looks like Ninja will still be one of the most subscribed Twitch channels throughout most of 2018.

List image via Ninja Twitch stream (Screenshot)

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