Yeah, competitive FIFA Ultimate is really flawed.

If you watched any of the FUT Champions Cup at Manchester during the weekend, you would have noticed a few things. Though, to be honest, there have been glaring errors during every Ultimate Team tournament I’ve witnessed.

While the fact that you can earn rewards for FIFA 18 while watching on Twitch is very good, and it is entertaining to see competitive Ultimate Team, there are SO many problems.

And here are five big problems in competitive Ultimate Team.

1. Too many Icons

There is no variety in the teams on show. Everyone had a Patrick Viera; everyone had a Maldini. Everyone had a Prime Ronaldo.

These are meant to be the best FUT players in the world, and yet they all rely on the highest tier cards to compete. In fact, if you have ever played the Weekend League, you will know how much of a problem the Icon cards are. If you don’t have a couple, you won’t do so great; and that is the truth.

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It would be interesting to see players forced to use Gold cards or at least no one is allowed an icon card. With all those high-tier icons, the gameplay is slowed down so much.

Sadly, though, the whole reason behind Icons is to sell packs on the game, so EA is never going not to want to show them on a large stage.

2. The commentary

You know how bad Martin Tyler and Alan Smith are on the game? They’re always talking about someone’s birthday or other total nonsense, and it’s annoying. However, not as annoying as some of the commentary from those at the Manchester event.

From people shouting too much to not giving any real insight into what we’re watching or the players; it was really bad. However, it isn’t always terrible, in fact, Mike Labelle and Air Japes were very good during the eMLS cup.

However, the Manchester event was almost like WWE commentary; everyone trying to get their lines in and a lot of talking over the top of each other.

Someone, please, give us some thoughtful insight!

3. Everyone plays the same

When everyone has the same cards, basically everyone plays the same. A lot of trying to pass quickly and a lot of ultra-defensive counter-attacking – two tactics which are very cheap.

I mean, if everyone has a Ronaldo, there really is only one way to use a Ronaldo. What would be interesting would be if FIFA followed the example of Football Manager by doing a draft to players.

Only one player would get a Ronaldo, Messi, Aguero etc. While this may not sound exactly fair, it would allow for gameplay to be a little more exciting.

4. No personality

I’ve got the flu right and I sneezed earlier, and I’m almost sure that my snotty tissue has more personality than half of these competitive FIFA players.

Seriously, from those doing Andy Murray-esque fist shakes to hiding under their hoodie. I guess most competitive gamers are as exciting as watching Loose Women, but c’mon.

Someone, do something.

5. The ‘rewards’ system

Like has been pointed out in the four previous entries, competitive ultimate team is not so hot. However, there is a good reason to watch it – on Twitch at least – potential loot. If you tune into the coverage, you have a ‘chance’ of earning a high-tier pack to open on Ultimate Team.

However, after watching the coverage over the weekend for at least seven hours, I can confirm I got sweet f*ck all. This seems to be something which is quite prevalent amongst other viewers, with a very small percentage actually earning these rewards.

In fact, do you know how many tuned into the final of the competition..? About 65,000; which considering some FIFA streamers alone pull more than that, it isn’t so hot, is it? So why is it so low? Well, it seems like fans have released that they probably won’t earn anything and would rather be playing the game or watching something else.

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