There have been some changes to the Fortnite Season 5 map not noticed by most players. We’ve got five of them!

While the majority of the latest Fortnite patch was all about building nerfs and the Compact SMG, there were some significant map changes. We also got some birthday cakes in celebration of Fortnite’s first birthday – so there was so much going on.

However, in v5.10 there have been some lowkey changes to the map, with locations freshened up, and a lovely memorial added.

First off, they added some Clay Pigeon traps!

There are a couple of these around the map, one near Loot Lake, another close to Salty Springs and one near Shifty Shafts. You can either manually set them off or let the machine do it for you. See if you can top my high score of 23 before some no skin ruined my fun.

Trucks near Dusty Depot

Reddit u/FaZe-Okunola

Remember the factories close to Dusty? They were a great place to loot and get a lot of brick before heading into to Dusty.

Well, they went all the way back in Season 4, and we have been hoping for their return. Thankfully, it looks like that might be happening, with two mysterious trucks appearing nearby, carrying pallets, a dumpster, and some brick – as well as a chest.

Fingers crossed they come back in some form.

Muselk’s Rescue Mission Tribute

This video went nuts on Twitter, especially after Fortnite shared it to their more than 4 million fans.

Now, if you go to the spot it happened in, far west in Paradise Palms, you will be met with a gravestone to remember the fallen hero, Chappadoodle.

Risky Reels fixed

via epic games

Risky is now a proper drive-through theatre, and there are loads of cars to farm for that buffed metal.

More ramps

A few of these jump spots had been added in late Season 4, but Epic has now put even more throughout the map to help your ATK, or Shopping Cart getaway.

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