Okay, we think we’ve found the best Fortnite editor ever.

This week’s best Fortnite clips is a day late because team Elecspo were recovering from the mother of all hangovers.

It genuinely feels like forever since the Rift-to-Go was added to the game; since then we now have a new item! The Shockwave Grenade was introduced to the game today and looks like a bit of a monster.

This week, we’ll be showing off some great clips, with a few featuring around these items. Oh, and of course, some fantastic plays that feature that weird giant cube that is kicking about the map at the moment.

1. Ninja’s Cube play

The cube is so weird, but it is a brilliant way to sneak a few kills. If someone is on its good side, it will dish out shields. However, if you shoot it, it will damage nearby players and send them flying!

2 King Richard, king of the rift-to-go

This is how handy the rift-to-go is. You get in a fight and then rift out only to land back for a better position and then clap whoever was wanting to fight you.

3. Dakotaz goes flying


Hey, the new Shockwave grenade is looking pretty crazy, and this seems like a GREAT way to send your mates off the map.

4. Ninja knows how to save a life

If I were Ninja, I’d have left Daequan to die. However, Ninja decided to get four quick-fire kills, including three lovely snipes to rescue him!



I edit at probably the same speed your grandparents get frisky. However, Gunfly edits like Usain Bolt after three cans of Red Bull!

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