So, there is a Fortnite double burst glitch and it looks totally broken.

While he might be one of the best Fortnite players in the world, FaZe Tfue does love an exploit.

He has been known for using fast-farm glitches to help give him an advantage when gathering materials. In spite of him popularising these exploits, he hasn’t been known for using ones that a little game-breaking…until now.

In the current meta of Fortnite, the assault rifles have almost become obsolete, despite being some of the best DPS weapons. Double SMG’s are now so powerful that there really isn’t any point in picking an AR up.

Until now, Tfue showed a new exploit without actually telling us exactly how to do it.


Basically, if you have two burst rifles, you can quickly switch between the two without the need to stop firing. In fact, this instant pull-out turns the burst into a fully auto monster, as long as you have two of them.

How do you do it?

You will need to set the flip emote to something, then shoot, emote, switch and shoot again.

Will it be patched?

Oh, god yes! This is a legit exploit that affects the PVP a hell of a lot more than being able to farm materials quickly.

Will I get banned if I do it?

I’m guessing no. Epic have claimed that they would ban players who fast-farm, but we refuse to believe that they will go through all of your games to see if you are doing it.

However, if you are playing in any sort of event, I probably wouldn’t because then you will be at risk.

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