Uh, the Karma comments on Fortnite esports are pretty harsh!

Three-time Call of Duty World Champion Karma has taken a big dig at Fortnite‘s esports future.

Despite it being one of the biggest games in the world and Epic Games providing millions of dollars in prize money for esports events, Karama is not convinced.

Epic had launched the Summer Skirmish events, and controversial YouTuber Keemstar has been running Fortnite Friday. However, neither of those tournaments have captivated fans, with the Summer Skirmish event being slaughtered for how boring it had been.

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Karma No Convinced

Speaking during one of his live streams, Karama hit out at Fortnite’s future:

Fortnite is the worst possible game to be an esports game. I don’t care what they do; I don’t think there’s any way that game ever becomes good competitively, there’s no way… Unless they make it so everyone starts killing each other, but I don’t think people are gonna just start fighting. Hell no… Of all the BRs, I think that is by far the worst one.”

That is a pretty big statement, but it might very well be the case. Epic has yet to find a good balance between competitive and casual, with them making considerable changes to the meta.

With the first pro-circuit yet to start, we will have to wait until 2019 before we can judge Fortnite’s esports scene.

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