Olympic eSports by 2024? Maybe!

According to German news outlet Heisse, the German collation is looking to push through negotiations to help recognise eSports as a sport in the country and give it proper associations and laws.

The three German parties involved are all seemingly pushing for this to go through, with CSU negotiator Dorothee Bär being quoted as saying:”finally computer games will get the status they should have long ago.” Germany should also be strengthened as a development location for computer games.

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Should these negotiations go through, German could be paving the way for e-Sports to push for a place at the Olympic Games in 2024 which is hosted in Paris.

Whether or not competitive gaming is defined as a sport has been a long argued topic, but with the backing of the European powerhouse, it could help change the Olympic committee’s mind.

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These negotiations would also involve a partnership with their French counterparts which would push through ‘Digital Citizenships’ and work with schools to use ‘culturally valuable’ as well as ‘blockbuster’ games as learning devices.

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And digitalization would also be seen as a respected topic to study – but could this possibly make Germany Europe’s Korean equivalent when it comes to competitive gaming?

Currently, Germany only has six eSport teams based in the country – a number which doesn’t count the growing number of football teams who are deciding to hire pro-FIFA players.

However, with new backing from the goverment and the possibility of Olympic eSports, we could see a surge new teams popping up across Germany in the next few years.

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