Monster Hunter Now is finally available to play on mobile. Unfortunately, lots of players are unsure about where to find their referral code so they can get invites and receive rewards.

Rather than another mainline AAA installment on PlayStation and Xbox, Monster Hunter Now is a mobile entry available to install on Android and iOS with workarounds to get it on PC. It’s basically Pokemon Go meets MH, and it has lots of potential to deliver something for everyone. There are rewards available to get for sending invites to friends, but you need to unlock your referral code before you can get any prizes.

Where to find Monster Hunter Now referral code

It is only possible to find your Monster Hunter Now referral code after reaching level six.

Once you’ve reached level six, you can start inviting friends to the game. Provided you meet the eligible requirements, follow the below steps to locate your key:

And that’s all you need to do to locate your referral code. You will want to send it to some friends so both you and they get rewards.

All MH Now referral code rewards

Below are the Monster Hunter Now referral code rewards you get for inviting a friend to the game:

And below are all the rewards you get for accepting someone’s invite:

If you accepted an invite, you will need to reach level six before you can get any of the goodies. If any issues occur, check out Niantic Support for possible fixes.

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