Valorant fans can mark their calendars as Riot Games has officially announced the release date and start time for the next Night Market event in April 2023. This limited-time event has become a highly anticipated tradition among the game’s fans, offering exclusive in-game items and cosmetics.

Currently in Episode 6 Act 2, Valorant has welcomed the newest playable agent, Gekko, to its roster. Gekko’s addition has been met with praise from fans, who are eager to see what other new content Riot Games has in store for the game.

Despite the excitement surrounding Gekko, fans are equally excited about the upcoming Night Market event in which they will be able to get their hands on exclusive in-game items.

Thankfully, we have exactly how long April 2023’s Night Market will last in Valorant and exactly when it ends.

When Did the latest Night Market Begin?

The latest Night Market began in Valorant on April 5 or 6, depending on where you are located in the world.

In the US it kicked off at 8 pm EST (5 pm PT) on April 5 and in the UK, it began at 1 am on April 6 (2 am in Europe).

How Long Will The April 2023 Valorant Night Market Last and When Will It End?

The April 2023 Valorant Night Market is set to last for a mouth-watering three weeks.

Beginning on April 5, the event will end on April 25 or 26, depending on your real-world location.

Riot Games has decided to end the Night Market at the same time that Episode 6 Act 3 starts, this means players will have ample time to nab themselves some exclusive gear.

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