In the lead-up to the FACEIT London Major, Valve has announced you can now get CS:GO Free on Steam for a limited time! The free version of CS:GO is available to install right now from the Steam store here.

However, you won’t get the full version of the game. CS:GO Free allows you to play Offline with Bots and view matches in GOTV. This is ideal timing, with the FACEIT CS:GO Major coming up, you can watch the matches right from the game client if you prefer it to Twitch.

So just how much can you do with CS:GO’s Free iteration?

CS:GO Free – Play Offline

Although Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is all about online competitive play, beginners can get a lot from playing offline with bots.

You can learn about the game from playing Casual mode with bots. You can also practice your aim in a bot Deathmatch without getting killed every few seconds.

CS:GO also has a range of workshop maps you can play offline. These can teach you how to improve your aim, play different maps, use different weapons, and even do things like change your crosshair. You can view the most popular custom maps in the Steam Workshop.

If you enjoy the game, you can buy the full version in the Steam store, currently priced at £11.39 ($14.99 USD), although this regularly goes on sale throughout the year.

CS:GO Free – Watch Matches With GOTV

Global Offensive has its own in-game viewing client. This allows you to replay your own matches, watch others, and even watch professional, Valve-sponsored tournaments.

Play CS:GO FACEIT Major Pickem Challenge for Free

You can also take part in the FACEIT London Major Pick’em Challenge. You can make predictions on who will win each stage of the upcoming CS:GO major to win points and put yourself in the running for a medal.

The first stage of the major kicks off next Wednesday, September 5th, which explains why CS:GO Free has been released at this time. If you’ve never tried playing before and want to get involved in the major, this is an ideal opportunity.

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