It looks like the FaZe CS:GO roster changes will continue. AdreN to FaZe was recently confirmed by former teammate seized. Now, with RobbaN stepping down as FaZe Coach, rumor has it the team will bring in YNk to coach FaZe for the IEM Katowice 2019 major.

RobbaN Steps Down as FaZe Coach

Today, FaZe announced that RobbaN will step down as the head coach of the CS:GO team.

The Swedish coach explained that the decision was made by himself a few months ago. Having recently had a second child, RobbaN found it hard to coach and keep up with his family life.

However, RobbaN won’t leave the organization completely. The statement also explains that he will announce his new role in FaZe later in the month.

It seems that FaZe will undergo major changes in 2019. With AdreN to replace Karrigan and also a new head coach coming, the team will look a lot different for the IEM Katowice 2019 major.

YNk to Coach FaZe

With the FaZe coach position open, it seems that YNk may be the next man to take on the job.

Recent MIBR roster changes included replacing YNk as head coach with former SK Gaming and Liquid coach zews. Today, the team thanked YNk and wished him luck on his future endeavors.

The timing works out perfectly for YNk to join up as FaZe head coach. In fact, according to a report by RealSport101, discussions are already taking place between the org and YNk.

The team would make a good fit for the Serbian coach. YNk previously played with NiKo in the iNation CS:GO squad. With a team full of high-potential players, YNk’s analytical approach could help them improve and build their way back up to the top of the world rankings.

We’ll see how the new FaZe CS:GO roster does next month at the IEM Katowice 2019 major kicks off.

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