Cards Against Humanity online, specifically the Xyzzy version, is providing people with a whole raft of questions around how to play and what it means.

Xyzzy in Cards Against Humanity online is throwing people off. How do you play? What’s the difference? Why would I want to be Xyzzy? These are all common queries at the moment.

The idea behind Cards Against Humanity, for those who don’t know, is a pretty simplistic one.

Cards Against Humanity Online

Cards Against Humanity Online (Wikipedia commons)

A question card is drawn and players have a selection of answer cards. The question can be anything, while the answer cards are also a mixed bag. Disturbingly, the answer cards contain some pretty hilarious and borderline criminal phrases. But, alas, this game is intended to bring out the worst in people.

But what is this Xyzzy everyone is talking about? Well, we’ve taken a deeper look to find out more.

What does Xyzzy mean in Cards Against Humanity Online?

Xyzzy isn’t actually a direct Cards Against Humanity game. It’s more of an expansion or add-on, if you will, allowing you add further depth to the gameplay. In fact, the game mode is more commonly known as ‘Pretend You’re Xyzzy’.

In a nutshell, pretending your Xyzzy means creating your own set of sub-rules and ramifications for the game.

Cards Against Humanity Online

Cards Against Humanity Online (Wikipedia commons)

So, you can create your own cards, for example. You can also build in set rules, time limits, and all the usual extras people might think about when creating their own game. Furthermore, you can select score multipliers and use all or some of the expansion packs for Cards Against Humanity.

All in all, Xyzzy means you can add more detail, players, and rules to your game. It really is that simple!


How to play Pretend You’re Xyzzy

While it’s still not ironed out completely, you can go online and play with relative ease.

You simply head over to the following website and start a game. Once you’ve started a game, you can share your URL with your friends and family. They then simply go the link you’ve sent and join the game.

All the while you can be setting your own rules and terms for the game ahead.

It should, in theory, make for a more expansive and in-depth game. On the other hand, it might just cause more and more arguments between your once close-knit group!


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