Does the World War 3 trailer make the game look better than Battlefield 5?

Remember when Battlefield and Call of Duty fans wanted the game to go back to their historical roots? Then when the game does go back to World War 2, everyone wants a modern day shooter. Well, while COD may be getting futuristic again, Battlefield is sticking true to the WW2 formula in BFV.

This and two years of Battlefield 1 has left a lot of fans of the franchise longing for another realistic modern shooter. The last AAA title released with that banner was Battlefield 4 – all the way back in 2014. Sure, games such as Insurgency SandStorm have come along, but they still don’t feel quite right.

Well, it looks like The Farm 51 team behind realistic modern shooter World War 3 has finally cornered that market. Yesterday saw the release of their first gameplay trailer, showing off what it is all about. While at first glance, you may think that WW3 is just an updated Battlefield 4, it looks like it will be so much more.

The cinematic trailer would make anyone sceptical, but this trailer shows a modern FPS with both vehicle and team-based combat. As they mention on the WW3 website, this is an FPS by FPS fans; they want to be as close as possible with the game’s realism and feel. This is something you can see in the trailer, with weapons, items, and vehicles all straight out of current militaries across the globe.

Does it look too much like BF 4?

Screenshot via Trailer:

I’ll be honest; there are moments in the trailer where it does look very similar to something like Siege of Shanghai, or even Metro from BF3. Saying that – Batallion 1944 seemed like a Call of Duty II reskin and that was not a bad thing at all.

When is it out?

They are aiming for Early Access on Steam by ‘Fall 2018’.

How much will it be?

The developers have stated several times that the game will be less than $60 to give players more value for money.

Will it be updated continuously?

It looks that way. Unlike Treyarch and Dice, Farm 51 seems to be all about community feedback and making tweaks and buffs from how the community as a whole feels.

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