Those who want to play Smash Bros Ultimate with a Wireless GameCube Controller are in luck. PowerA has created new Wireless GameCube Controllers for the Nintendo Switch.

While there’ll be plenty of different ways to play Smash Bros Ultimate, many players will opt for the classic comfort of a GameCube controller. Nintendo is even packaging their Super Smash Bros Ultimate: Special Edition bundle with a wired GameCube controller.

However, some prefer to go wireless, and these new controllers fit the bill perfectly.

Wireless GameCube Controller for Switch

The new Wireless GameCube Controllers are officially-licensed. While they’re not first-party Nintendo controllers, they look just as good as the real thing.

Unlike the classic Wavebird, these look more like the traditional GC controller, only without wires. The controllers take 2 AA batteries and last up to 30 hours.

The controllers also feature motion controls, making them useful for Nintendo Switch games. However, IR and Amiibo support aren’t included.

The controller is currently available for preorder in indigo, silver, and black. It’s going for £39.99 on GAME for UK customers and $49.99 on the PowerA website for US players. They come out on the 23rd of November, with plenty of time before the launch of Smash Bros Ultimate.

These will appeal to many Smash Bros players, although you can use them for any game

Controller Options for Nintendo Switch

A variety of controller options are available for Switch. Players can use the Nintendo Switch joycons, the more robust wireless pro controller or a wired GameCube controller using an adapter.

The Super Smash Bros Special Edition bundle comes with a wired GameCube Controller. Nintendo is also selling Ultimate edition pro controllers for the Switch.

Smash Bros Ultimate players will have plenty of unique controller options. But these controllers are also great for any Nintendo Switch game. Whether you prefer the joycons, the pro controller or the new Wireless GameCube controllers, there’s more than enough choice.

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