With school currently out, Word Cookies is just one of a number of fun games that can be played to help you with your spelling.

Lots of parents are currently searching for the next available app or game to help their kids while they’re off school.

Word Cookies is in that category of game parents should be looking into. The simple premise of the game is to work as a ‘chef’ to build through levels with spellings of increased difficulty.

Word Cookies

Word Cookies is a big help for people struggling with their spelling at school (Screenshot)

Each level in Word Cookies will help with spelling, and that’s regardless of your age.

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As you go through each stage within the game, Word Cookies chucks more and more difficult spelling tasks at you.

This can be in the form of longer words or more words being made from the letters. You can’t move on until you have worked out ALL of the words. (You can buy your way out if you like, of course)

Help your spelling with Word Cookies

Playing Word Cookies is not only a fun game but also something that can help with your education.

For parents, it’s good to know that rather than simply staring at a pointless video on their phones, your child is at least using their brain and putting it to good use.

Word Cookies

Word Cookies can help school kids with their spelling (Flickr)

This is one of the big benefits of Word Cookies. Children – and adults – are all at different stages in their lives when it comes to spelling and vocabulary.

Word Cookies helps people along with both aspects of the subject.

Word Cookies and spelling = better school work

With the global pandemic currently taking hold of the world, there’s a bit of pressure on kids and parents to keep up with their school work.

Using Word Cookies is the ideal place to work on your spelling and grammar. Anyone from the age of four and up can have a go. And while the later levels get more difficult, this is where you as a parent can engage with your child to work out spellings and words together.

For kids, parents, or teachers looking for useful spelling games, Word Cookies definitely hits the spot.

Word Cookies can be downloaded for Apple, Google Play, or Android.

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