One of the interesting Smash Bros Ultimate leaks making the rounds is that Geno will be in Smash Bros Ultimate. The puppet was a popular character on Super Mario RPG on the SNES but has since become hugely popular as a potential Smash Bros fighter. So what are the chances of Geno in Smash Bros Ultimate?

Geno In Smash Bros Ultimate Leak

There’s been a lot of recent speculation on the Smash Bros subreddit that Geno is a possibility for the Smash Bros Ultimate roster.

Most recently, u/ShadowKrabs noted that a leaker known for leaking Cloud in Smash Bros 4 claims there’s a real image leak out there.

The leaker, Tansut, made a post on the forums claiming there’s a leak that ruffled some feathers with the Smash Bros staff.

It appears that we indeed have a legit leak on our hands. I’m not aware of the particulars, like even which leak it is exactly, but I know it’s caused some ruffled feathers recently.

While this may or may not be true, fans have been looking to previous leaks to separate fact from fiction. The most popular theory is that the Geno in Smash Bros Ultimate image leak may be real.

byu/ShadowKrabs from discussion

This doesn’t seem too likely. The quality of the image doesn’t seem to match up with other Smash Bros Ultimate characters. There are also other questionable image leaks out there, such as ones for Skull Kid and Banjo Kazooie. However, this doesn’t mean Geno isn’t a legitimate possibility.

Why Geno Could Be in Smash Bros Ultimate

Leaks aside, Geno has consistently scored strongly on Smash Bros ballots and fan polls. With Sakurai aiming to introduce characters based on fan demand, this looks like good news for Geno.

Unconfirmed characters, from estimated ballot poll data
byu/zelcf insmashbros

What’s more, Sakurai wanted Geno in Smash Bros Brawl. He was relegated to a Mii Gunner costume in Smash Bros 4. However, now could be the time to bring Geno to the roster.

Twitter fans are also supporting Geno. Many accounts have got behind the #GenoForSmash hashtag.

Add all of this together, and we could very well see Geno in Smash Bros Ultimate in some form.

It’s not the strongest case, but the demand is definitely there. To read more about possible Smash Bros Ultimate characters, check out all the Smash Bros Ultimate leaks, hints, and theories here.

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