The most popular Twitch streamer in the world might get involved in Super Smash Bros Ultimate. Ninja sent out a Tweet stating he has something special planned for the fighting game community- Smash Bros in particular. We might even see Ninja stream Smash Bros Ultimate!

Will Ninja Stream Smash Bros Ultimate?

While Ninja is known for his Fortnite streams and content, he’s a huge Super Smash Bros fan. He’s often followed Smash Bros Melee tournaments in past streams. In fact, he even offered Smash Bros Pro Mang0 $50k to win Shine 2018.

His Tweet suggests he may involve himself in the Smash Bros pro-scene in some form, although it’s unclear how. He may plan to commentate or even host a tournament. He could also be planning a Smash Bros Ultimate Giveaway.

Of course, with the upcoming release of Super Smash Bros Ultimate coming this week, he may plan to stream the new game.

Pros Welcome Ninja in Smash Bros Ultimate

Other players in the Smash Bros scene also welcome the streamer. ZeRo has even offered to play with Ninja if he plans to play Smash Bros Ultimate.

Nairo also expressed his interest, albeit with fewer words and more memes.

Fellow Fortnite streamers are also excited to get in on the fun. DrLupo plans to play Smash Bros Ultimate as a Marth main.

With some high-profile streamers excited to get their hands on the game, the Smash Ultimate launch will be huge. The game has amassed massive amounts of hype and could quickly become one of the biggest games on Twitch.

When Does Smash Bros Ultimate Come Out?

Eager fans don’t have long to wait now. The Super Smash Bros Ultimate release date is December 7th,  2018, exclusively on the Nintendo Switch.

A ton of information has already surfaced, including how to unlock characters, new boss battles, and some online mode features- including 2v2 battles.

We’ll see what Ninja has cooking up for the Smash community very soon!

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