With news that GTA 6 (Grand Theft Auto) could be announced soon, one of the burning questions will be around it landing on the Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo’s newest console currently doesn’t have the GTA series available. Rockstar has strictly limited the game to the likes of the PlayStation and Xbox.

GTA 6 could well come to the Nintendo Switch when released. (Needpix)

GTA 6, though, is set to be one of the biggest games of the year, if indeed it is announced. A whole host of online rumours are doing the rounds that an announcement could be made today or this week.

With plenty of people in self-isolation at the moment and still playing GTA 5, news of a sixth instalment would be something huge to look forward to.

But will it come to the Nintendo Switch? Or will Nintendo fans have to keep waiting around?

GTA 6 on Nintendo Switch

Currently, there is no concrete news to suggest that GTA 6 will hit the Nintendo Switch. Indeed, GTA 5 has still to make the crossover, so it will be interesting to see if Rockstar and Take Two take the plunge.

Previously, CEO of Take Two Interactive has said that he’s been impressed with that the company have put on the Switch so far in terms of sales.

“What we’ve put out so far [on Switch] has been successful”, he said back in 2018. (Daily Star)

Further information from the same interview suggests that talk of impressive sales numbers on the Switch could have perked the interest of those in charge of GTA.

However, Tech Radar appears to believe that GTA 6 won’t be landing for some time yet.

Nintendo missing out with no GTA 6

It goes without saying really that Nintendo will be missing a huge market if they don’t bring GTA 6 to their console.

The success of recent Switch games like Animal Crossing shows that people are still buying in bulk when it comes to the Japanese tech giants.

The Nintendo Switch could see GTA 6 land if the company goes in a different direction. (Photo by Olly Curtis/Future Publishing via Getty Images)

Adding GTA 6, from a business standpoint, would make sense. However, Nintendo have been stricter in the past when it comes to certain games.

Being a family-friendly focused company, they could opt to steer clear of GTA.

But, given the fact the likes of Doom Eternal have made it onto the console, Nintendo might just be swinging towards more games like GTA 6 for the future.

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