We’re 2 months from its release and Smash Bros Ultimate has already garnered a colossal amount of hype. Sales are through the roof, and there’s more competitive support for the game than ever before. In fact, it could even become one of the biggest esports of 2019. Here are a few reasons why Super Smash Bros Ultimate is the next big esports game.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Is Geared For Competitive Play

Nintendo and the developers of Smash Bros Ultimate seem dedicated to making it the next big esports game. Features have been designed specifically for competitive play, and pro players have even been asked for feedback.

The game has customizable options for competitive play, and all 103+ stages have a competitive form. What’s more, options like Squad Strike mode lend themselves well to new options in competitive tournaments.

The new Nintendo Switch Online service will also make online play more fluid than ever. New players will be able to play on better servers with less lag, enabling them to build their skills to a competitive level.

It’s Been Tried And Tested By Pro Players

Despite not being released yet, the Smash Bros Ultimate demo has been tested extensively by seasoned competitive players.

ZeRo won the Super Smash Bros Ultimate Invitational at E3 2018, beating players such as MkLeo, Armada, and Mang0.


In a vlog, ZeRo noted that players were given plenty of time to practice, and even supported by Sakurai. He also noted that the game feels like a throwback to Melee’s fast-paced, aggressive gameplay with fresh mechanics.


While retiring from competitive Melee, Armada noted that he found playing Smash Bros Ultimate fun and would be playing more in future. This could finally be the Smash Bros esport that brings Melee, Brawl, and Smash 4 players together.

Super Smash Bros Has A Rich Esports History

The homegrown esports community of Smash Bros has been going ever since 2002. Now, with ELEAGUE broadcasting Smash Bros Ultimate and players like Armada planning to make the jump, it could be bigger than ever.

According to stats from Esportsearnings.com, Super Smash Bros Melee has had 2404 tournaments, more than any other game except CS:GO (3517).

Smash Bros Melee Esports

Earnings are comparatively low at $2,725,909 total, and many players have complained about the low pay of competitive Smash Bros. However, this does seem to be improving. Smash Bros for WiiU players have earned $1,366,421.06 in 818 tournaments.

With support from orgs like ELEAGUE and EVO and the huge popularity around Super Smash Bros Ultimate, expect to see bigger tournaments, bigger prize pools, and bigger opportunities for the thousands of Smash Bros players already onboard.

Why Super Smash Bros Ultimate Is The Next Big Esports Game

With huge competitive support, a dedicated scene, and massive sales, it looks like Super Smash Bros Ultimate is the next big esport.

Smash Bros Ultimate could surpass the peaks of Smash Bros Melee as an esport and become a mainstream esport. The fanbase is there, the competitive infrastructure is better than ever before, and the game is perfect for both casuals and hardcore gamers.

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