As Club Penguin enjoys a new surge in popularity, many people are wondering just why and when it was shut down in the first place.

As millions stay indoors thanks to the global pandemic of Covid-19, Club Penguin is enjoying an upturn in popularity.

Club Penguin

Screenshot: Club Penguin

The servers have been switched back on by the developers and Disney have seen a massive uptake in users.

Club Penguin is a simple premise. You log on, build a penguin, adopt Puffles, and complete a set of challenges and tasks to progress in the game. You can also chat with friends, both in a safe and mature environment.

But with the game so popular once again in 2020, why, then, did Disney take the decision to pull the plug on the game a few years back?

We’ve taken a deeper look into that for you.


Why and when did Club Penguin shut down

The simple fact of the matter is that user rates for Club Penguin started to decline. Given the game had started in 2005, by the time it was fully switched off in 2017, technology had enjoyed mega advances.

Club Penguin

Puffle from Club Penguin (Wikipedia Commons)

The chat function which was so popular wasn’t the go-t0 way to communicate anymore. Things such as Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat have since taken that mantle.

Disney laid off a number of staff members and slowly started to close the game down between 2015 and 2017.

Eventually, at the end of March 2017, Club Penguin was discontinued. It was, however, replaced by Club Penguin Island, which switched to an offline-only mode in 2018 itself.

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