The IEM Katowice 2019 CS:GO Major is well underway and there are still over 20 teams in the running. With many of the top teams in the world competing along with fast-rising teams, there are many potential winners. So who will win IEM Katowice 2019? Here are five of the most promising teams.

Who will win IEM Katowice 2019?

1. Astralis

From their achievements the past year alone, a case could be made that Astralis are the best CS:GO team of all time. They’ve won an incredible amount of big events and remained the #1 HLTV team for over 9 months.

However, there’s plenty of new blood and new team rosters at the major. Plus, the recent smoke bug being disabled could make a change in how the team plays. Astralis is always a threat to win, but they could get knocked off their perch here.

2. Team Liquid

Team Liquid look like a legitimate threat to take the throne from Astralis in 2019. Throughout last year, they constantly racked up 2nd places. Since adding Stewie2k, they won IBP Masters 2019 against Astralis- the first Premier Event of the year.

With renewed focus and a new, potentially stronger team, Liquid can make serious waves at this Major and possibly bring home their first Major victory.

3. NRG

NRG has quietly become a mainstay in the HLTV Top 10, currently at #5. What’s more, the team made it comfortably into the Challengers Stage 3-0.

The team will get a huge step up in opposition in the Legends Stage, which may falter their progress. However, they’re a consistently strong team and Majors are always ripe for upsets. If they play their cards right, NRG could reach the top.


Made In Brazil had a disastrous 2018 as their experiments to bring in American star players only made them worse. However, with the reintroduction of TACO and Felps, MIBR could return to their former glory.

In the past, they were a roster known for incredible team play, with TACO known as a solid bombsite anchor. With FalleN’s knowledge and leadership and good strategy, this could be their win.


The Finnish roster consistently makes it look EZ4ENCE. With their mix of experience and rising talent, ENCE have proven to be a top team with the talent to compete with the best.

They had a fairly easy 3-1 run through the Challengers Stage (albeit dropping a Bo3 to Renegades) and the Legends Stage will be tough for them. However, this is a team that could rise up as a dark horse.

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