Super Smash Bros Ultimate had a huge launch with a roster of over 70 characters. However, there are still more to come. In addition to the now available Piranha Plant DLC, there are 5 DLC Packs to come complete with new characters and stages. So when is the Smash Bros Ultimate DLC coming out? Here’s a guide on what to expect.

When is The Joker Smash Bros Ultimate DLC Release Date?

The next DLC character to hit the Super Smash Bros Ultimate roster is Joker. The main character will be available in the first DLC Challenger pack, along with a new stage and music from the series.

So when will Joker be available? According to a recent Nintendo Direct, the first DLC Pack will be available in Super Smash Bros Ultimate 3.0, set to come before the end of April.

A recent trailer for Persona 5 R: The Royal announced that more information would come out on April 24th. This could very well mark the release of Joker for Smash Bros Ultimate, along with potential news on Persona 5 R for Switch.

When is Smash Bros Ultimate DLC Coming Out?

After Joker, there’s no official information on when the next DLC character will be. Chances are, there’ll be a trailer for a new character within the next couple of months.

However, there is information on when all five DLC Packs will be available. In the original Super Smash Bros Ultimate DLC announcement, Sakurai claimed all DLC packs should be out by  February 2020.

This means we’ll likely get a new character every two months or so. Who is next is yet to be seen, although current leaks and rumors revolve around Erdrick in Smash Bros Ultimate.

Will there be more Smash Bros Ultimate DLC Characters?

Currently, only 5 DLC Packs are planned for the game. However, with all of them set to be available by February 2020, it’s very possible we’ll get more.

A recent Super Smash Bros Ultimate data mine leak found there are 16 free character slots. After the addition of Piranha Plant and the 5 DLC Pack characters, there’ll still be 10 available.

This may suggest that there’ll be two more sets of 5 DLC Packs after the initial wave. Nothing is certain, but Ultimate could get an even more gargantuan roster in the future.

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