A few days ago, it was announced that smooya left BIG in a surprise move just two weeks before the major. The UK CS:GO player was unsatisfied with his place in the team and his progress. However, smooya still plans to compete, although reports say he now looks towards a move to the US. So what will smooya’s next team be?

smooya Leaves BIG

BIG made the announcement on Twitter that smooya had voluntarily left the roster just shortly before the IEM Katowice Major 2019.

It might come as a surprise for some. However, the played explained in an HLTV interview that he had been unhappy with the team for a long time. He now looks towards a move to a team where he can utilize his AWP skills. He outlined his reasons for leaving in a press release.

smooya’s Next Team

So where will smooya end up next? It will most likely be in a lower tier team, although there are still many options. While there are still options in Europe, the player expressed interest in playing for an NA team.

He’s currently standing in for Denial to play in the IEM Sydney Qualifier. This move may only be temporary, although he could be a good fit for the roster.

Another possible option is compLexity. Although the n0thing to compLexity move was only recent, n0thing plans to leave after one last major run. Smooya could join fellow UK player dephh on the roster, although there may be issues as coL already has an AWPer in Shahzam.

If he goes to a EU team, Valiance could be an option. The team has a mix of players from all over Europe, and smooya could fit right in.

Currently, smooya aims to act as the BIG Coach for the IEM Katowice 2019 Major. We’ll most likely hear about smooya’s next team after the major.

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