New updates have rolled out for Warface for PS4 and PC. The free battle royale and FPS game will be adding a range of new in-game items. Warface PS4 players can get their hands on new Warlord combat gear and rifles. PC players can also get their hands on some new guns.

What’s more, Warface players across all platforms will benefit from increased server rates. That means until the 5th of October at 9:00 UTC, you’ll get 50% more experience, vendor points, and Warface dollars in all games!

Warface PS4 Updates – New Guns and Combat Gear

Warface announced the new Warlord Combat Gear in store the other day. Players can now get Warlord Helmets, Warlord Vests, Warlord Gloves, and Warlord Boots. Each will boost different stats to give you a competitive advantage.

New guns have also been added. These are as follows:

Type 97 Rifle – This rifle is available for Riflemen. It deals high damage with great range, making it practical for a range of situations.

Saiga Bullpup – This semi-automatic shotgun goes in the hands of Medics. It has a great range of fire, damage rate, and range.

Gold AWM Sniper Rifle – The gold AWM sniper rifle has enhanced stats. Players will also a special patch for killing 999 enemies with it.

Other guns in the store include Famas F1, M60E4, Anakon, Kel-Tec Shotgun, PM-84 Glauberyt Custom, SIG 552, VSS Vintorez, and MP-443 Grach.

Meanwhile, Warface players can also get their hands on new Black Shark guns such as the Black Shark XM8 Compact. The powerful submachine gun is available either in crown boxes or by direct sale.

Engineers using this gun will be able to pick up a few new achievements.

Warface Increased Server Rates – More EXP and Money

There will also be increased server rates for all Warface players across the weekend. Until Monday, you’ll get 50% more Warface dollars, 50% more EXP, and 50% more Vendor Points on every fight.

Warface for Xbox One just launched a few days ago, and Warface for PS4 is picking up pace fast. With a range of exciting updates across all platforms. Warface is fast becoming one of the best free battle royale games.

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