Warface is now available for free on Xbox One! That means all Xbox One players will be able to download and play Warface Battle Royale, Plant the Bomb, Deathmatch, and other modes.

Crytek recently released Warface on PS4. The Xbox One launch comes today, along with a range of new features.

Warface Battle Royale Xbox One & Other Game Modes

Warface is one of the best free battle royale games available right now. However, a range of other game modes are also on offer.

Plant the Bomb hearkens back to Warface’s origins as a tactical shooter. The mode is similar to games like CS:GO.
Team Death Match features non-stop action where one team has to get 150 kills to win.
Free For All is more of a classic deathmatch. It’s every man for himself and the winner is the one with the highest score at the end of the round.
Storm requires the team to reach three different checkpoints.
Blitz is a retake mode, where the bomb is already planted. Teams have a frantic 90 seconds to either defuse or defend.
Capture is a capture-the-flag esque mode. You have to gain access to a briefcase then keep it in your hands instead of the enemies.
Domination involves defending several checkpoints on the map and racking up the most time on them.

The Xbox One Edition also comes with some exclusive features. Blitz mode has been changed and a new Bag and Tag PvP mode is available, where you must kill and collect tags from dead enemies. A new Special Operation mission called Cyber Hord has also been added.

How to Play Warface for Free on Xbox One

You can play Warface right now for all Xbox Live Gold members. All you need to do is download it from the Xbox One Games Store.

The Warface for Xbox One launch also comes with some new maps for the various modes available. These include Motel, Farm, and Outskirts.

New updates are also available on Warface for PS4 and PC, including the new Uzkon UNG-12 gun. You can view all of the new updates at the Warface website.

With plenty of free content and regular updates, this is worth checking out for Xbox One players.

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