Free battle royale and FPS game Warface is hitting its 5th anniversary, and to celebrate, players can pick up all kinds of special rewards. PC players can pick up special login rewards, sale items, increased exp, and even prizes for the 5th Warface Anniversary.

The game has come a long way. After starting out on PC, the Warface for PS4 and Warface for Xbox One launches came just recently. Crytek has shown much dedication to updating and improving the game with new modes and additions to keep players interested. So what’s new for the Warface Anniversary?

Warface Anniversary Rewards

Players who log in to Warface on PC for 7 days in a row (until the 26th of October) will also get a range of free rewards! Keeping up the login streak can net you some special anniversary skins, along with a mega VIP booster.

You’ll also get 5 times Warface Dollars, EXP and Vendor Points until midnight tonight! The increased server rates will reduce to 2 times until the 22nd of October. You can also pick up some extra rewards by opening tickets on the Warface promo page.

Players can also get the special Black Shark Steyr Scout in loot boxes or for Kredits until the 23rd of October. The rifle features increased mobility along with supreme precision and power.

Warface for Xbox One players aren’t left out, either. Log in for 10 days in a row and you can pick up Crowns, Kredits, Tokens, and some cool Black Shark weapons!

Warface Anniversary Sale

The Warface Anniversary update allows players to get special rewards and sale items.

Until 31st October, you can pick up a VIP Booster that lasts up to the end of the year for $1 / € 0.95.

There’s also an Anniversary Sale in the Warface store which lasts until 22nd October and features the following deals:

  • 30% discount for Mega VIP booster
  • 20% discount for Kredit Random Boxes
  • 30% discount for Warface Dollars Random Boxes
  • 30% discount for all temporary Crown weapons
  • 50% discount for all body skins

With all kinds of special offers, rewards and new missions, it’s the perfect time to play Warface. The game is now available to play on PC, PS4, and Xbox One completely free.

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