With 103 stages, countless music tracks, and over 67 Smash Bros Ultimate Characters currently confirmed, it’s safe to say Sakurai is doing everything he can to please the fans. That means we might see more of the most wanted Smash Bros Ultimate Characters.

In fact, many of the new inclusions, such as Ridley and King K. Rool were amongst the most demanded characters in the Smash Ballot and Smash Bros fan polls.

Therefore, while we’re speculating characters, let’s take a look at some of the fan polls and data available to predict who could be next.

Skull Kid, Waluigi, Shadow, Dixie Kong Top New Reddit Fan Poll

Results of a brand new Reddit fan poll went live today, showing some of the most wanted Smash Bros Ultimate characters by fans.

Reddit user wizman20 collected data through a Google Form posted on the r/SmashBros subreddit. The results are split into new original newcomers, underrated fighters, and Echo Fighters.

Most Wanted Original Smash Ultimate Characters from Reddit Fan Poll

Skull Kid is the most-wanted original newcomer with 9.2% of the vote. Waluigi is close behind with 8.5%. Fans have been demanding Waluigi for Smash Ultimate incessantly- will Sakurai really leave him as an Assist Trophy?

Isaac from Golden Sun, Geno from Super Mario RPG, and, of course, Banjo Kazooie are also in high demand from fans. These seem like very likely roster inclusions.

Most Wanted Smash Ultimate Echo Fighters in Reddit Fan Poll

Most Wanted Smash Ultimate Echo Fighters in Reddit Fan Poll

Shadow is the most wanted Echo Fighter by a landslide, picking up 527 votes. The next most popular is Dixie Kong, who would act as an echo for Diddy. Isabelle, Funky Kong, and Ryu’s rival Ken are also highly demanded characters.

As far as underrated characters go, people want to see Paper Mario, Shantae, Spring Man or Ribbon Girl from ARMs and Crash Bandicoot, among others. These make for some juicy Smash Ultimate possibilities.

Most Wanted Smash Ultimate Characters in Reddit Fan Poll

Most Wanted Underrated Original Fighters from Reddit Fan Poll

You can see the full results of the poll in wizman20’s post here.

Results of the Smash Bros Ballot ft. Isaac, Bandana Dee, Geno, Banjo Kazooie, Ashley

Back in 2015, Nintendo held an official Smash Ballot for fans to request their favorite characters for Smash 4. Although the results were never officially revealed, SourceGaming compiled a pie chart seen here of the most requested characters in Japan, based on info collected online. Results of many fan polls from around 2014 are also compiled in a Reddit post.

Top 20 Most Popular Characters from Smash Poll Data from smashbros

Reddit user zelcf also collected data from a range of polls to determine the most popular Smash Bros Ballot characters.

Unconfirmed characters, from estimated ballot poll data from smashbros

Many characters, such as King K. Rool, Wolf, and Inkling, already made it into Smash Bros Ultimate.

Sakurai stated many of the popular characters from the Smash Ballot would instead make their appearance in Ultimate. That means IsaacBandana Dee, Geno, Paper Mario, and Dixie Kong might also make it to the roster!

Of course, some might also join Krystal, Waluigi, and Knuckles in the Assist Trophies.

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