It’s a good week for matchmaking players as Valve has banned over 60,000 cheaters in their biggest ever VAC ban wave.

That means that those caught using aimlock, wallhack, and other cheats are permanently banned from playing on Valve servers.

According to stats from Valve banned a total of 61,474 players, making it the biggest VAC ban wave in the history of Counter-Strike. There were also a further 27,407 game bans from Overwatch reports.

VAC Ban Stats

VAC Ban stats from

A sign of things to come?

Valve developers have been working hard to improve their anti-cheat measures for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Back in April, they made over 130k VAC bans and a whopping 1.4 million in-game bans.

The wave comes in the midst of CS:GO’s new Panorama UI update, offering a whole new look and feel. Not to mention further improvements coming. Evidence suggests we’ll see a new CS:GO gun in 2018, and possibly even a new operation.

It also comes in advance of two of the biggest tournaments of the year- the ELEAGUE Premier 2018 and FACEIT CS:GO London Major. Players will be able to watch and predict the majors from inside the game, making it a popular time for Global Offensive.

Cheating in CS:GO is an ongoing problem. But with hackers being banned more than ever, it looks like the game is improving.

The Steam Summer Sale effect

It’s worth noting that VAC ban waves commonly come after the Steam Summer Sale. Last year saw a VAC ban wave of around 40,000 players after the sale. This is due to cheaters getting new accounts at the game’s discount price and new players trying to use hacks.

Still, it’s a positive outcome. Players can hit up Dust 2 this week without worrying about being one-deaged by a cheater around every corner.

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