World-famous streamer and Fortnite legend, Ninja, will play in the first major Valorant tournament in a move that will bring a whole world of new eyes to the game. 

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Riot Games’ new first-person epic is taking the Esports world by storm as things stand. A whole host of pro players from games such as CS:GO and Call of Duty have joined respective teams, while big-name streamers such as Myth have played in some minor tournaments so far.

But news of Ninja signing up to play for T1 in the first big Valorant tournament is HUGE news in the gaming world.

Riot Games will be licking their lips at the thought of Ninja bringing his army of followers to their newest title. Ninja has just shy of 6m followers on Twitter alone.

Furthermore, he’s in the headlines this week thanks to his move away from Mixer. The Microsoft owned streaming service announced it was pulling out of the streaming world tonight, teaming up, instead, with Facebook, going forward.

Ninja is said to have pulled in a cool $30m from Microsoft. Not bad at all!

Ninja to play Valorant means massive news

If there was ever a way for Valorant to get the worldwide attention it craves and needs to grow in the Esports world, then this move by Ninja could be the one.

His popularity in the world of streaming and gaming is unparalleled. He has a legion of followers who will go wherever he goes. Those eyes, then, will now be fixated on the world of Valorant.

Ninja is best known for his days streaming Fortnite and becoming one of the top players in the world. Whether he can transfer that form into Valorant, is another matter.

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