Another big Super Smash Bros Ultimate event concludes, as Light wins Ultimate Nimbus and earns the last Ultimate Summit spot! The Ultimate Nimbus Smash Bros Ultimate tournament featured many big names such as Leffen, Tweek, Salem, and ESAM. But in the end, the Grand Finals came down to an intense, back-and-forth, 10 game series between Light and ESAM. Here’s more on the Ultimate Nimbus results.

Ultimate Nimbus Results – Light Beats ESAM

Ultimate Nimbus was a huge tournament for Smash Bros Ultimate players, especially as it decides who gets the last spot for the upcoming Summit.

Many top players were in attendance to compete for the spot and the prize pool. Melee player Leffen once again tried his hand at Ultimate, scoring a respectable 9th with Roy and Pokemon Trainer. Top player Tweek also had an early elimination, going out in 7th to ZD.

Mr.R and Salem also made top 4, but both were eliminated by ESAM.

The Grand Final came down to one of the most intense Smash Bros Ultimate series yet with ESAM against Light.

ESAM managed to reset the bracket with a 3-2 win in the first set. He even almost won the first match of the second set, putting Light at over 100% damage and almost knocking him out twice. Somehow, Light managed to come back and put himself at 1-0.

ESAM won the next two games handily, putting himself up at a comfortable 2-1. Light won the next game, putting it all down to a final 10th game in the series.

In the most stunning loss yet, ESAM put himself up 2 stocks to 1 but after some exuberant off-stage play, he self-destructed and put the two players at 1-1.

While he still had a chance to come back, Light showed massive resilience to knock ESAM’s Pikachu out off-stage and take the victory in the 10th game.

Ultimate Nimbus Smash Bros Melee Results

Ultimate Nimbus also featured a Super Smash Bros Melee tournament.

While it wasn’t full of top players, it did feature some notable names such as Lucky, Westballz, ARMY, and Fiction.

The Grand Final came down to a match between Captain Faceroll (Sheik) and Lucky (Fox). While Lucky did manage to reset the bracket, Captain Faceroll won the second match 3-0 to secure his victory.

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