Ninja is getting massive backlash from viewers after reporting a player for allegedly stream sniping. The incident happens in Ninja’s stream, where Ninja reports IcyFive for killing him and emoting after Ninja’s squadmate calls for an emote.

Ninja is the biggest Twitch streamer in the world, mainly thanks to his Fortnite streams. Epic Games even collaborate with Ninja on events, often releasing skins to him early to promote on his stream.

But despite being the most successful Fortnite streamer on Twitch, many viewers left with a bad taste in their mouth.

Ninja Reports IcyFive

After being killed by another player on Fortnite, Ninja instantly responded by reporting him for stream sniping.

Stream sniping is a major problem for streamers, with lack of stream delay meaning other players can instantly see their location. Although many viewers disagreed IcyFive stream sniped, Ninja told them to unsub and leave.

There was no solid proof of IcyFive stream sniping. However, after IcyFive emoting, Ninja believed it was prompted by DrLupo calling for it on his stream. IcyFive made a response on Twitter, where DrLupo promptly responded saying he didn’t believe he was stream sniping.

Ninja responded by saying it was down to bad timing, although IcyFive was still disappointed with the way Ninja reacted to being killed.

IcyFive Responds to Ninja Twitch Report

After the incident, IcyFive shared his side of the story in a YouTube video.

However, after settling the matter on Twitter, the rants continued on Twitch.

One kill caused a whole lot of tension between the Twitch and Reddit community. However, fans sided largely in favor of IcyFive and disagreed with Ninja’s handling of the event.

But despite the whole event getting out of hand, it’s unlikely to hurt Ninja’s stream too much. As the Twitch streamer with the most subscribers, an overreaction to one kill shouldn’t effect viewership too significantly.

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