While Nintendo fans still eagerly anticipate the potential announcement of a Nintendo Direct, IGN made an entire Nintendo Direct April Fools 2019 video to catch them off guard.

With fake news on The Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time and Wind Waker on the Switch, it was surprisingly well-made for a hoax.

But that’s not the only big Gaming April Fools 2019 joke. Many other fans, publishers, and even developers got in on the jokes. Here are the top 5 Gaming April Fools Jokes of 2019.

1. Nintendo Direct April Fools 2019 – IGN

Gaming media giant IGN went all out for this year’s gaming April Fools joke.

As the rumor mill is on fire for a Nintendo Direct April 2019, IGN took matters into their own hands with a fake Nintendo broadcast.

It got the Nintendo Direct style down to a tee, complete with Japanese speech, English subtitles, and carefully crafted announcements for fan-favorite games.

2. Omega Smart Home Assistant – Final Fantasy XIV Online

Smart home systems are all the rage right now, and the official Final Fantasy XIV YouTube channel got in on the trend.

With a fake advertisement for a smart home assistant based on one of the game’s most notorious bosses, it was a fun way to fool fans for a split second.

3. Rainbow Six Siege: Rainbow is Magic Event – Ubisoft

Rainbow Six Siege is known for deep, tactical, serious gameplay. So Ubisoft took their April Fools Day prank in the opposite direction.

Complete with unicorns, bright colors, and even cuddly toys, they showed a trailer for a “Rainbow is Magic” event.

The gag is- the event is actually real. Players can now save teddy bears live in the game for the next week.

4. For Honor Rabbids Invasion – Ubisoft

Ubisoft was busy this April Fools. In addition to the Rainbow is Magic event, they also had some fun with For Honor players.

For 24 hours, players could kill Rabbids in the game. Mixing their hack-and-slash action game with the cartoonish creatures was definitely an interesting choice.

5. DOOM: The Joy of Slaying – id Software

Simple but effective. One of the most violent video games paid homage to Bob Ross with this cheeky April Fools Day prank.

Next Nintendo Direct – will there be a Nintendo Direct April 2019?

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