Starting to play Smash Bros Ultimate but have no idea what character to main? There are more Fighters than ever in Smash Ultimate- over 70 if you include Echo Fighters. While some of these can take a while to master, others are perfectly easy to pick up and play. Here are 5 of the best Smash Bros Ultimate characters for beginners.

Best Smash Bros Ultimate Characters for Beginners


Best Smash Ultimate Characters for Beginners - Pikachu

Not only is Pikachu a character that everyone will recognize, but he’s also one of the best in the game. Pikachu regularly lands at the very top of the pro Smash Ultimate tier lists, making him a great character for anyone to main.

Pikachu has swift movement, powerful moves, and the ability to fight either close up or at a distance. He might be a little quick for some beginners, and you’ll have to make sure you don’t fly off the stage too often. However, he also has great recovery abilities. You don’t need to do anything to unlock Pikachu so you can start using him right at the start of the game.


Best Smash Ultimate Characters for Beginners - Pit

Ever since Smash Bros Brawl, Pit has felt like a character designed for beginners. He has arrows to keep opponents at bay, a useful shield, and fighting up close with the sword is incredibly easy to do. He also has one of the best recovery moves in the game, making it practically impossible to die by falling off the stage.

He’s not the strongest character in the game, but he’s fast and his Side-B can do major damage. This is definitely one of the best Smash Bros Ultimate characters for beginners.


Best Smash Ultimate Characters for Beginners - Marth

Marth has been a top tier character ever since Melee, and his Echo Fighter Lucina works just as well. Their straightforward sword-fighting style makes them amongst the easiest characters to learn in the game. But despite the basic moves, they do major damage, making these ideal characters for beginners.

You can unlock Marth quickly by playing Classic Mode as Yoshi then Lucario. Lucina might take a little longer, but once you have both you can switch between the two seamlessly.

Donkey Kong

Best Smash Ultimate Characters for Beginners - Donkey Kong

Another one of the characters you’ll have right from the start. His moves hit hard, his Down-B can incapacitate closeby enemies, and his Up-B makes it easy to stay on the stage.

If you’re looking to play with a bigger character, Donkey Kong might just be the best heavyweight for beginners.


Best Smash Ultimate Characters for Beginners - Kirby

If you’re looking to use one of the best characters in the game, Kirby isn’t for you. If you’re looking for a character that’s extremely simple to use with some interesting moves, Kirby might be your best choice in the game.

Kirby can float all over the stage, absorb the powers of opponent’s, and also has some great Smash and Special moves. All in all, this is a fantastic character to get used to the basic mechanics of Smash Bros Ultimate.

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