The Super Smash Bros Ultimate launch is coming soon and fans have been theorizing which new characters we’ll see in the game. Leaks point towards fighters like Incineroar and Ken, but many fans have created fun new Smash Bros Ultimate Character Concepts.

The r/smashbros subreddit is full of concepts and possible movesets for everyone from the Rocket League car to Mikhail Gorbachev. Here are the top 5 new Smash Bros Ultimate Character Concepts from the Smash Bros subreddit.

1. Banjo Kazooie

Banjo-Kazooie is by far one of the most wanted new Smash Bros Ultimate characters by fans and creators alike. So Reddit user u/Tevlev14 made a gif of how their moves from the N64 game could be used in Smash Bros Ultimate.

BANJO-KAZOOIE – Moveset Visualized GIF
byu/Tevlev14 insmashbros

2. Doomguy

Whether you know him as the Doom Slayer, the Doom Marine or good old Doomguy, the protagonist from Doom is one of the most legendary characters in video game history. His appearance in Smash Ultimate isn’t too likely, but this concept by u/GlitterTripper makes us want it even more.

Doomguy Newcomer Concept UPDATE
byu/Glittertripper insmashbros

3. Isaac

Isaac in Smash Bros Ultimate actually seems like a good possibility. The Golden Sun protagonist’s Psynergy moves would fit perfectly in Smash Bros, as u/roydgriffin covered in this sweet visual character concept.

Due to the hype surrounding Isaac right now, I reworked his moveset I made four years ago
byu/roydgriffin insmashbros

4. Lloyd Irving

Another RPG protagonist many fans are calling for in Smash Bros Ultimate is Lloyd Irving from Tales of Symphonia. Therefore, user u/Not-Neuro made a great concept for how his dual swords could be used in a Smash Bros Ultimate moveset.

Lloyd Irving – Animated Moveset Gif
byu/Not-Neuro insmashbros

5. Paper Mario

Paper Mario has been making appearances ever since N64 with one the most unique movesets in video games. Redditor u/Tevlev14 made another gif to exemplify how his moves could translate to Smash Bros Ultimate.

PAPER MARIO – Visualized Moveset GIF
byu/Tevlev14 insmashbros

Other New Smash Bros Ultimate Character Concepts

Blacephalon – u/Solash1
Cuphead and Mugman – u/Droicle
Dr. Eggman – u/MarioToast
Giygas – u/Glittertripper
Hollow Knight – u/corruptedhelios
Kamek – u/DefinitelyNotSascha
King Boo – u/Anonymouslyfox
Marx – u/MarioToast
Mikhail Gorbachev – u/Mhwal
Mr. Labo – u/TheGourdGorg
Phoenix Wright – u/Yachtnaught
Professor Layton – u/Layton4Smash
Rayman – u/OmegaTyrant
Rocket League Car – u/thegraymaninthmiddle
Slippy Toad – u/Chris_Universe
Spring-Man – u/cherryredcherrybomb
Tingle – u/Mister_Mild
Vivian – u/Glittertripper

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